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Never Too Late To Appreciate Your Body!

Posted by Dr. Guiloff

It's never too late to appreciate life and enjoy having the body you want, even at 82 years young.

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Treating Facial Wrinkles: Nonsurgical aesthetic procedures

Posted by Dr. Guiloff


Whether you want to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles on your face or have an overall refreshed appearance? You can achieve a more youthful appearance with nonsurgical aesthetic procedures like Botox or soft tissue fillers, also known as injectables. PLUS you can even treat yourself and get right back into your day. No surgery preparations, no real downtime. Just lovely results, almost instantly.

Some of the most common nonsurgical procedures include:

  • Botox & Dysport
  • Soft tissue fillers
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Cosmetic Surgery meets Virtual Reality

Posted by D'Ana Guiloff

Dr. Guiloff is changing the reality of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery consultations. He now has a new way to help clients see the potential before and after view of a cosmetic or reconstructive procedure. This full-immersion technique allows patients to put on a Virtual Reality (VR) headset to get a glimpse of the future.

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5 Tips for Choosing the Right Cosmetic Surgeon

Posted by Dr. Guiloff

Maybe you are still deciding if cosmetic surgery is the right choice for you. Or perhaps you know exactly what procedure you want to have done or what result you want to try to achieve. Either way, the biggest decision you will make will be choosing the right cosmetic surgeon to achieve your dreams. Be sure to make the choice that makes the most sense by doing your homework ahead of time, while keeping yourself safe and happy through the process.

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Cosmetic Confidence Corner Welcome

Posted by Dr. Guiloff

First, let me welcome you to my new blog, Cosmetic Confidence Corner. 

My hope is to share with you valuable information about Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery, giving you the confidence to make informed decisions about your plastic surgery desires (taking out as much guess work as possible).

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