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Cosmetic Surgery meets Virtual Reality

Posted by D'Ana Guiloff
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Cosmetic Surgery meets Virtual RealityDr. Guiloff is changing the reality of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery consultations. He now has a new way to help clients see the potential before and after view of a cosmetic or reconstructive procedure. This full-immersion technique allows patients to put on a Virtual Reality (VR) headset to get a glimpse of the future.

A little before and after background.

Since the invention of the camera, before and after photos of other patients were the only way to show someone what their surgery could look like. But the reality is, every person’s body is unique. What looks good on one body type, might not work on another, for the exact same procedure.

More recently, 3D images taken from a client's own 2D photos have given prospective patients a limited mirror view of that same potential. This generalized, outside view shows how a surgery might appear using common renderings, but it is limited as well.

The future is now, changing cosmetic consulting.

Virtual Reality has now gone beyond before and after photos, and even 3D images, to make the consultation process much more tailored, and personal. By scanning the chest, Dr. Guiloff can immediately show potential patients, with the VR headset, how changes in shape, location and size can impact their desired outcome. Body scans taken during a consultation can immediately give clients a first-person view of their wanted change and how it will look to them, effectively letting them virtually try-on their new breasts. They are able to view the result in a virtual fitting room, with mirrors showing all angles. Clients are also able to look down at their chest to see how their new breasts will look from their own perspective (pretty cool).

The VR consultation isn’t limited to the chest either. After a similar scanning technique, Dr. Guiloff can perform virtual facial procedures as well, and the potential patient can see the change happen immediately within the VR headset. They are able to tilt their head, in a mirror-style view, to see the changes happening from any angle, just as they would in their bathroom mirror once the surgery is complete.

So, why Virtual Reality?

Using VR during the consultation strengthens pre-operative planning and post-operative outcomes helping patients share their goals with Dr. Guiloff and sets patients more at ease. 

Using this new consultation style, expectations of the final results more closely match the possibilities of what the procedure can accomplish, right from the first office consultation. Thus taking away their anxiety and helping a patient feel confident in their choice to proceed.

The technology at work.

Patients can now step into a virtual dressing room to immediately try on their new breasts at Dr. Arturo Guiloff’s state-of-the-art facility. By combining the Crisalix’s 3D Software and an Oculus Gear VR Virtual Reality Headset, powered by a Samsung GALAXY smartphone, the technology creates the virtual environment. Together with the talents of a skilled surgeon, patients are instantly emersed to see their potential first hand. 

Thinking about cosmetic surgery?

You might be wondering how you can try this new technology out. Well, Dr. Guiloff is now offering this new consultation method to any patients who visit him for a surgical consult, at no additional charge. So if you are thinking about cosmetic surgery, now is the time to make your appointment.

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