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Top 4 Breast Reconstruction Myths

Posted by Dr. Guiloff

There are several myths floating around when it comes to breast reconstruction do's and don'ts. What it comes down to is what makes the most sense for you, at the recommendation of your doctor.

Here are a few myths to be busted that can help ease your mind and get you started having the right conversation with a medical professional.

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Topics: reconstructive surgery, breast reconstruction, breast, breast augmentation

When do implants really "drop and fluff"?

Posted by Dr. Guiloff

The phrase "drop and fluff" is definitely not a medical term. It refers to the slight drop of implants from a breast augmentation after approximately 3 months and the settling of the tissues that surround them.

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Topics: breast, breast augmentation, implants

Cosmetic Surgery meets Virtual Reality

Posted by D'Ana Guiloff

Dr. Guiloff is changing the reality of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery consultations. He now has a new way to help clients see the potential before and after view of a cosmetic or reconstructive procedure. This full-immersion technique allows patients to put on a Virtual Reality (VR) headset to get a glimpse of the future.

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Topics: cosmetic surgery, breast, face, consultation, technology, virtual reality

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