The area of the neck is the site of concern for many patients because of the excess of skin and/or prominent fatty tissues. Patients that will benefit from having just neck lift surgery are those in which the excess skin or fat are localized to the area of the neck alone. This procedure is usually performed under twilight anesthesia. Incisions are made at the base of the earlobe, extending into the crease behind the ear, and sometimes into the scalp. The neck muscles are tightened through a short incision placed under the chin. Lax jowls are tightened with sutures or liposuction. The excess skin is removed around and behind the ears.

The younger patient with a localized neck problem and patients that have had a previous face lift and start to get some recurrent laxity, are excellent candidates.

Most patients go home the day of surgery. Small drain tubes are typically removed the next day. Sutures are removed within eight days. Bruising and swelling resolve within 2 weeks.

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