Permanent Makeup, also known as Micropigmentation, is a form of cosmetic tattooing used to enhance facial features. Permanent Makeup is revolutionizing the traditional world of cosmetics. Imagine having perfectly designed eyebrows, gorgeously defined eyes and sensual looking lips lasting not for a day but for several years. Over the last 15 years, permanent makeup has grown rapidly in popularity, coming a long way from the first brave soul who allowed her eyebrows to be tattooed by a tattoo artist. Today, hundreds of women (and men too) have realized the benefits of permanent, hassle-free, waterproof coloring of Micropigmentation.

Permanent Makeup even camouflages the scars from accidents, burns or surgery by restoring the natural skin coloring ultimately improving ones self-image and self-esteem.

This procedure is performed by the certified aesthetician with the most advanced technology. Occasionally in very sensitive areas Dr. Guiloff will perform a block with local anesthesia to make the procedure very tolerable.

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