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Posted by Dr. Guiloff

Cosmetic_Confidence_Corner_BlogFirst, let me welcome you to my new blog, Cosmetic Confidence Corner. 

My hope is to share with you valuable information about Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery, giving you the confidence to make informed decisions about your plastic surgery desires (taking out as much guess work as possible).

Keep checking back:

  • Find out more details and results for a procedure you are considering, so you have refined details.
  • As new advancements are made in technology or with new techniques I will aim to share them with you.
  • When permitted, I will bring you new clients' success stories, or case studies so you can see what is possible for your own results
  • I also plan to share any tips on surgery preparation and recovery for you to feel more confident going into your own surgery.

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Surgery isn't for everyone. But for some, plastic surgery can literally work wonders. The results can provide a positive boost in self-esteem as well as other physical improvements. I hope that I can help you feel confident in the decision you are considering making (or have already made).

Thank you for stopping by Cosmetic Confidence Corner.

- Dr. Arturo Guiloff


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