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When do implants really "drop and fluff"?

Posted by Dr. Guiloff

The phrase "drop and fluff" is definitely not a medical term. It refers to the slight drop of implants from a breast augmentation after approximately 3 months and the settling of the tissues that surround them.

When do Implants Drop and Fluff Breast Augmentation.pngWhy should I care about "drop and fluff"?

It's important for patients to know that the healing after a breast augmentation is a process that can take several months. Understanding this up front ensures patients don't get anxious early on because the immediate results are not what was expected.

Are all implants going to behave this way?

The short answer is yes, because gravity plays a large part during healing. The process is the same for both type of implants as the weight is almost identical. It varies more depending on each patient's build, the quality and type of their skin, fat and muscle tissues. Having an up-front discussion with the surgeon about the type of implant being used and reviewing past procedures they have performed for other patients should dramatically ease any concerns.

What does Breast Augmentation recovery look like?

Each patient's recovery will be different and the timeline surrounding recovery milestones will vary.

Week 1: Initial pain and swelling that is controlled with pain medications like acetaminophen and sometimes stronger narcotics. After 3-4 days the discomfort starts to subside. Breast daily massages are initiated for smooth surface implants (not for textured).

Week 2: Mobility increases and swelling is still present. Less need for any pain medications.

Week 3-6: Swelling starts to quickly go down on the third week and patients are able to resume more vigorous running and similar activities at about 6 weeks.

3 Months-12 Months: The muscles and the soft tissues (breast gland, fat and skin) start to soften and gently stretch around the implant with a slight drop and a "settling" of the breast that makes it look more natural. This is the "drop and fluff" many people refer to after having a breast surgery.

The final results of any breast augmentation, after all settling has finalized, should be similar to what was discussed with the surgeon. Patients should make sure to speak with their surgeon during pre-op consultations to ensure both are on the same page in terms of expectations, and the timeline to get there.

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