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Wowed by Laser Rejuvenation

Posted by Dr. Guiloff

It always makes me proud to share a happy patient's reaction to a procedure I perform for them, this one is no different and can be summed up in 1 word "Wow", though she did add a few more about how she felt.


Patients often come to me looking for a way to get smoother and more youthful appearing skin. Sometimes they have already tried other rejuvenation techniques with some results but are looking for something that lasts a bit longer without going surgical. That is where laser rejuvenation comes into the mix.

Laser rejuvenation is usually done on those from their 40s into their early 80s. Obviously that can change depending on the person, but is just a general guide for when to think about it as an option. 

This patient got exactly the results she was looking for and even after seeing herself in the mirror prior to her follow-up, just looking at the before and after photos side-by-side she was able to see what a dramatic difference laser rejuvenation had provided.

Thanks for trusting your face in my hands!

You can check out her results/before and after photos here.

Wowed by Laser Rejuvenation from Dr. Guiloff


Think laser rejuvenation might be a good option for you? Schedule an appointment and we can talk about your options together.

Have a beautiful day!
Dr. G

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