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Minimizing scaring as much as possible with Botulinum Toxin?

Posted by Dr. Guiloff

Summer Blog_6.9_320x320Most people want to minimize scaring as much as possible, especially with cosmetic procedures. This is why there are so many tips and tricks to get rid of scars.

In the last few years there has been intensive research into the possible use of utilizing botulinum toxin type A (like BOTOX) to improve the appearance of scars in human skin. Not only can you greatly improve fine lines and wrinkles with cosmetic injectables, but it also appears they can also help smooth out imperfections caused by damage to the skin as a preventative measure too.

This research was reinforced with a recent scientific paper published by Chinese scientists from Shanghai University who investigated the early use of botulinum toxin on 14 patients after facial incisions for reconstructive procedures. Only half the length of the scars on each patient was treated in the patients, and the other half of the scar served as control.

The results showed some statistically significant improvement of the scars treated with the botulinum toxin compared to the untreated segments.

"This study demonstrates that early postsurgical botulinum toxin injections can produce better, narrower, and flatter facial surgical scars." March 2018 Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Study, Volume 141

The study is limited because the group in the study is small (only 14 patients). Even though the initial results are very promising, further research is needed with larger groups and a wider variety of scars and type of injuries to be certain.

That could mean no more hiding or covering up scars, but helping to prevent them from sticking around.

We will keep an eye on this and will see what further advances the near future might bring.

Dr. G

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