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3 Reasons For Reconstructive Surgery

Posted by Dr. Guiloff

3 Reasons for Reconstructive SurgeryReconstructive Surgery is generally performed when damage has been done to the body through no fault of the patient. This surgery is done to repair the skin, cartilage, muscle or soft tissue to restore a person's appearance or reduce issues caused by the damage. 


Accidents can cause scarring or deformities, which can be repaired by reconstructive surgery. Car wrecks, workplace mishaps, falling, animal bites, sports, lab experiments gone wrong, burns, etc. can damage or ruin the body. Depending on the damage done, sometimes both reconstructive and cosmetic surgery are necessary to not only repair the damage done, but also to cosmetically shape the reconstructed tissue, muscle or skin.

Scar revision can often improve the appearance of a scar remaining from an accident, making it less obvious through the injection or application of certain steroid medications or through surgical procedures.

Birth Defects or Birthmarks

Birth defects and birthmarks are also damage that can require reconstructive surgery. Cleft lips, skeletal or ear deformities can cause severe emotional and physical handicaps. Surgery can be performed to reconstruct, through a series of surgeries done as the person grows, to correct birth defects and restore normal function and appearance. 

Rhinoplasty can help correct an internal deformity of the nose that can affect your breathing due to irregularities in the septum.


Cancer is another reason someone might need reconstructive surgery. Damage done by treatments or the cancer itself can often require repair.

Reconstructive breast surgery is common among women who have undergone a single or double mastectomy. Although the procedure is not completely necessary from a medical standpoint, it can help to ease some psychological trauma from cancer treatment. 

No matter the reason for reconstructive surgery, each patient's treatment is unique. A skilled surgeon, can not only repair the issue, but often help a patient gain valuable confidence and a better quality of life, than before the procedure.

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